An exclusive Range Rover previously owned by Queen Elizabeth II is up for sale

In the United Kingdom, there’s a 2016 Range Rover up for grabs, and the price tag is a jaw-dropping £224,850 (that’s a hefty $284,600 for our friends across the pond).

Now, you might be wondering what makes this particular Range Rover worthy of a royal ransom. Well, buckle up, because this elongated Range Rover LWB in the posh Autobiography trim was once the chosen chariot of none other than Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II herself.

This majestic vehicle graced the royal garage back in May 2016, flaunting a lavish interior adorned with leather and wood. The features include a four-zone climate control system and electrically adjustable front and rear seats – fit for a queen, literally.

For Queen Elizabeth II, the off-roader underwent some royal upgrades – they threw in some flashing beacons, as well as footboards and handles to make her majesty’s embarkation and disembarkation a breeze. Under the hood, purrs a 4.4-liter turbodiesel V8 churning out a princely 340 horsepower.

Now, it’s worth noting that while Queen Elizabeth II has been known to take the wheel of various Land Rovers and Range Rovers, this particular chariot saw her exclusively on the passenger seat. The Range Rover gained some notoriety when it chauffeured Barack and Michelle Obama during their visit to the UK, with the wheel handled by none other than Queen Elizabeth II’s other half, Prince Philip.

The regal ride found a new home in 2017, at the time clocking a mere 4160 km. Fast forward to today, and it has gracefully glided through 29,000 km, still standing tall as a testament to royal luxury on wheels.

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