Suzuki Jimny received a third pair of wheels

In the magnificent realm of Great Britain, behold the spectacular transformation bestowed upon the humble Suzuki Jimny! Brace yourselves for this extraordinary tale of miniaturized off-road brilliance, as our diminutive warrior has been reborn into the unconventional realm of a six-wheeled pickup.

Picture this: the 2019 Suzuki Jimny, once a pint-sized adventurer, now stretched to a staggering four meters, dons a cargo bed and welcomes a third axle into its adventurous existence. But hold on to your racing helmets, folks, because the rear pair of wheels idly twirl in vain, left yearning for the thrill of traction (the vehicular ballet, a 6X4 dance). Adding to the spectacle, steel bars grace its rear, accompanied by a swiveling bed complete with a snug home for a spare tire.

Inside the revamped Suzuki Jimny, luxury takes the reins. The cabin now flaunts a more opulent decor. Yet, beneath the hood, the off-roader clings to tradition – a 1.5-liter powerhouse mustering 102 horsepower, a 4-speed automatic gearbox, and a transmission with a penchant for low gears.

But here comes the plot twist! The current custodian, faced with the harsh reality of depleted funds and an incomplete dream, contemplates parting ways with the metamorphosed Suzuki Jimny. His grand vision of a mightier, heavier engine, coupled with a design overhaul reminiscent of the Mercedes G-Class, remains unrealized.

In the vast tapestry of automotive dreams, our valiant Jimny, with its six-wheeled swagger, stands as a testament to the audacious spirit that fuels the world of eccentric automotive creations.

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