Experts have revealed the average range of electric vehicles for the year 2023

Hold onto your charging cables, folks! The electric car game is ramping up at breakneck speeds. According to the eco-conscious minds over at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average range for electric vehicles for the 2023 models has hit a whopping 434 km. That’s 21 km more than the electric chariots of the 2022 model year – more than enough juice to cover the average American driver’s weekly escapades.

Now, if we consult the EPA oracle, the average electric car range this year is nearly 300 km more than it was a decade ago. According to the US Department of Transportation, the average Joe behind the wheel clocks in about 60 km per day. So, you see, the numbers are stacking up in favor of the electron-powered rides.

With a weekly average mileage of 417 km, most electric cars out there boast a range that can comfortably handle a week’s worth of driving needs. That’s enough range to survive the daily grind for seven days straight.

Despite range anxiety being a buzzkill for potential EV buyers, today’s electric fleet is flexing its muscles. Many of these electric stallions can now gallop over 470-480 km on a single charge, giving naysayers a run for their money.

Last year, over 25 electric cars broke the 480 km mark, nearly double the count from just two years ago. The electric revolution is charging ahead, and the days of range limitations are becoming a distant memory.

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